Help Needed w/ Belkin Router

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Does anyone here have experience with a belkin 4 port dsl/cable router? i got it up and running fine, but i cant figure out how to get external access to my computer when its behind the router. i need ssh/http/ftp ability from my machine, but the manual had no instructions at all on how to set this up. any ideas?


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    jregojrego Posts: 56member
    I don't have a Belkin router, but I've used Linksys and own an SMC, and figured I might be able to help. Connect to your router's internal IP address with your web browser, it should give you a status/setup page. That's pretty standard, whether you have a $80 Linksys router or a $2500 SonicWALL. Somewhere in the setup information there should be something about "virtual servers". What you need to do is forward all TCP packets on the ports you need to your computer. SSH is 22, HTTP is 80, but I forget what FTP is. You can look it up online.

    Hope this has helped. You might try checking the Belkin site for a PDF manual.
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