accessing public idisk from a pc

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i want to access all of the files from the public folder of my idisk. i don't know the exact name of the file i want, so i need to see an index. is this possible from the PC i am on right now?

i tried <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; but it didn't work without the exact filename at the end... for example. hope this makes sense



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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    To open someone's Public folder:

    If you're using Windows XP, open My Computer, then choose Map Network Drive from the Tools menu.

    If you're using Windows 2000, open My Computer, choose Map Network Drive from the Tools menu, then click "Web folder or FTP site."

    If you're using Windows 98, open My Computer, double-click the Web Folders icon, and double-click Add Web Folder.

    In each case above, enter the following as the location to add: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; (where membername is the other person's iTools member name). Use the iTools member name for authentication, but leave the password field blank.

    Hope this helps.
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