Eeakk! Help Please-PC users are invading my webspace!

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People Please !

Must we keep blabbering on about those damb PC'S. I came to this board

to read and discuss apple related topics. All i read most of the time is

constant dribble about PC's-Mgz & PC's. I would think that being apple

users there be more sopistication in topics of discusion.

Instead some of these so-called mac-addicts crap all over the company and the products they produce. How can you people keep comparing Mac's To Pc's. Every time I read that apple is" so behind the times with there pruducts" it makes want to vomit. Its like comparing apple to freakin oranges people. Yes X86 manufacturers make fast computers

with lots of memory and all the lastest and greatest implementations,

(so freakin what) most of the time its the bleeding edge not the leading edge.

In my opinion Apple will always have an upper hand over PC hardware and software manufacturers, for the simple but less obvious reason that Apples hardware and OS is made inhouse. Take a look at PC's (breifly) One company make the OS, several other companys make the

hardware, theres a bottleneck for ya. Go and ask any system designer or engineer if it makes a difference weather they worked at the same location as the hardware developers.

Don't ya think if Apple hasn't produce any new Powermacs in the last three years that theve been working on a new product that will be completly up to date with current demands of professional users.

Just because a (NEW) so-called standard has been adopted by one

company and has used it for so-lond does'nt mean Apple needs to adopt

it right away. Mac's are not Lego's people. You can't just throw it

in there without the proper test and development stages.

Finally to those who love flaping there gums about PC's and there mightyness why don't you go jump on there band wagon and leave

this Sophisticated Apple board to those who what to discuss actual

topics of interest.


I like to thank the acadomy-and Mom........


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    See same thread in General Disscusion titled 'Stop the Insanity-this is not PC Insidder!'
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