Any recommendations on a 19" CRT?

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Here's the deal:

My beloved 17" Apple Studio Display is getting too small for my needs, so I wanna move up to a 19" CRT (maybe bigger if I can afford it). Top priorities are sharpness and color rendition!

Any good (or bad for that matter) experiences with a certain type/model are very much appreciated


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    I love my NEC MultiSync FP950. I think there's a few other FP950 owners here at AI too... I can't remember who, though.

    I think the current model is something like FP955, just a minor revamp of the same product. It has a slightly different casing than the 950.

    the FP950:

    <a href=""; target="_blank">click here for more info</a>

    the FP955:

    <a href=" 264" target="_blank">click here for more info from NEC</a>

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    [quote]Originally posted by Pixelpusher:

    <strong>Here's the deal:

    My beloved 17" Apple Studio Display is getting too small for my needs, so I wanna move up to a 19" CRT (maybe bigger if I can afford it). Top priorities are sharpness and color rendition!

    Any good (or bad for that matter) experiences with a certain type/model are very much appreciated </strong><hr></blockquote>

    LaCie monitors are well respected in the publishing industry due to their consistent quality and color accuracy.
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    Wow, the specs sure look impressive. Thanks for the input, both!
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    I use a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920 and I LOVE it. The price, i felt, was very favorable and they product is great. The DP920 is very similar to many of NEC's products, and I also have compared it to the Lacie Blue 19 inch. The casing is almost identical to the Lacie(besides the color) and the buttons/menu are the same. The only difference i see is that the Lacie has the ability to use the eye sensor for color calibration. All in all, i would reccoment the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920.
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    Check Dell's refurb site for incredible deals. I have a 21 Sony Trinitron Flatscreen with a very minor crack in the trim. It has worked perfectly and was under $160.

    Sorry to reccomend Dell, but they do turn over a lot of equpment. As far as the sharpness and clarity, the tube manufacturer is more important than the brand on the plastic.
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    At work, I just got a Compaq P910 Diamond-tron. It's basically a Mitsubishi Diamond-tron with a Compaq logo on it. The image is beautiful! Very high contrast, Flat screen, .24 dot-pitch aperture grill, Max Rez of 1920x1440, does 1600x1200 @85hz, ect... every where I've looked (even on Compaq's website) it retails for like $600... but for some reason CDW has it for $219!

    Even the cheapest one BizRate could find, was $562!

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Link to Compaq P910</a>

    BTW: I put a sticker with my company?s logo over the Compaq logo
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    I am personaly a graphics designer and i have been a computer consultant for years now.

    I will go with Lacie, they are using Mitsubishi Diamondtron tube (one of the BEST tube on the market better that Trinitron from Sony i think) and they have a very good 3 years warranty.

    Or go directly with Mitsubishi, but be advice usealy they are kind of expensive...
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    If you're running at (or well, want to be running at ) 1600 x 1200, be sure it runs at 85Hz so you don't get headaches as often. That sorta rules out the NEC non-FP line (which is disappointing, since their new FE991SB monitors look really slick, plus, they are one of the few monitors available in black.

    I have a Samsung 900NF. A fantastic monitor. I got it from Dell (yes, I know) shipped overnight for $296 or something. 1600 x 1200 @ 85Hz, baby. Picture clarity is excellent.

    Other good monitors:

    Sony G400/G410/G420S (all fundamentally the same, except the G400 has an older(read: better looking) case, and the G420S includes speakers)

    Dell P991/992 (Similiar to the Sony monitor, but different case, and while it's the same tube design, I think Dells is made by someone other than sony. The P992 case is also much uglier than the 991, IMHO)

    Cornerstone P2460 (A great monitor, and available for cheaper than all of the others...get it for something like $280 + shipping at -- that place has awesome customer service and warrenties)

    LG Electronics 915FT+ (A little more expensive than the rest, but still nice)

    All those monitors do 1600 x 1200 @ 85Hz and have a flat screen.

    If you don't want to run at 16 x 12, consider the Samsung 955DF, 900IFT, the NEC FE991SB, Hitachi CM721F. The latter two are available in black and all are flat screens.

    Good luck. Be sure to check out dell - they usually have a free shipping promotion on and do a google search for coupon codes, which you can usually stack on top of percentage discounts on peripherals.

    EDIT: The Lacie is a nice monitor too, but it's just as (if not more) expensive as the top-end monitors at the top of this post, while offering only a 76Hz refresh rate at 16 x 12.

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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Go for SONY!

    I have the 21" version of it. SWEET
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    xionjaxionja Posts: 504member
    beware of the dell's, mine came with many dead pixel lines, and they would not replace it.
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    Go all out. get a Barco .
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    [quote]mine came with many dead pixel lines<hr></blockquote>

    You sure you don't mean the two standard stabilization wires on AG tubes? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    Leonis-What model is that? I've never seen a black Sony advertised anywhere . Sh*t! I wanted a black monitor too!

    I wouldn't go for anything that can't do at least [email protected] Hz. I'm running my Sony 19" G420S at that resolution. I'd say it's a good monitor.
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    obi-dunobi-dun Posts: 19member
    Sony & Mitsubishi are the best ever
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