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WWDC - OSX 10.2

MWNY - Power Mac speed bumps

MWSF - G5...possibly.

Just a guess.


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    jerombajeromba Posts: 357member
    WWDC - OSX 10.2

    MWNY - Power Mac G4 @ 1.4 Ghz AND

    iBook & PowerBook update

    APPLE EXPO PARIS - rehash of mwny

    MWSF - G5 & update of iApps.
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    ihxoihxo Posts: 562member
    There will be Apple Media events I am sure, it's hard to predict what apple will do, seems they are doing alot of things that we did not expect (e.g. Bluetooth).
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    blackcatblackcat Posts: 697member
    I can't see them introducing a 1.4Ghz G4 (7500) at MWNY *and* then a G5 at MWSF.

    My guess:

    WWDC: 10.2 previews

    MWNY: 1.4 - 1.8Ghz 7500 'G5' PowerMacs, 866Mhz-933Mhz G4 New Powerbooks, 667-700Mhz G4 iBooks

    MWPS: rehash of MWNY plus 10.2

    Media event: iCam, iPod2

    PLUS I think there's a 50/50 chance we'll jump straight to an all G5 Pro lineup as low power might have been in the 7500 design from day 1.

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    tarbashtarbash Posts: 278member
    Apple Event in May: New PowerBooks. 733, and 867 MHz G4 7445s

    WWDC: 10.2

    MWNY: PowerMac G5 (7500) at 1, 1.2 and Dual 1.4 GHz, new iBooks with 667 and 733 MHz G4s. iMac prices fall back to normal.

    Seybold: New special effects software software based on Nothing Real acquisition

    MWP: Speedbumped iMacs: 800, 900, 1 GHz

    Media event: new digital device, probably a camera or PDA-like device- this could even replace the iPod and have its features built into it, or not.

    MWSF: this is just too far ahead in time to really tell, I'd say Dual 1.8 GHz G5s though.
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    macgregormacgregor Posts: 1,434member
    No one is giving Paris any credit...how 'bout iPod software with selected wines by region and year.

    WWDC seems perfect for 10.2, but I'm wondering about when Apple can get on with the QuickTime initiatives. I think that is holding up some possible iApps.

    Beyond that...

    The new fruits of Nothing Real will be at least a year away...but you gotta wonder if Steve has started emailing Peter Jackson yet.....I can see it now in a small break from the movie Gandalf the White kindof looks more like Gandalf the Titanium and Frodo tries to throw the Ring (which oddly looks like an underperforming Motorolla G4 chip) in Mt Doom...no wait he can't do it...and Gollum (somehow having a face that has a faint resemblence to MonkeyBoy Balmer - gotta love compositing effects) grabs the Ring/Chip; falls into the lava and Gates (with his eye wreathed in flames and wire glasses) dies in his castle of Baradredmond.
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