iMac 350 slot load - black screen

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Last time I used it, a month or so ago, OS X was asleep - I woke it up, and the desktop was rather jagged and the windows were misaligned and very hard to read. I could manage to navigate the apple menu and get to restart, but upon doing so the screen went black. Ever since, I get no picture whatsoever. I am guessing the CRT is toast, right? Anyone?


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    composercomposer Posts: 212member
    Sound more like the graphics card to me. CRT's rearely-if ever "go out" If you've already opened up you mac for installing memory, you might want to try opening it again and checking to see if your video cable is correctly connected. Oh, wait, sorry slot loading mac. Um, this still might be the problem, try opening her up if you're comfortable and checking to see if everything's still connected. Also, invest $5 or so in a dusting can and blow out any dust that might be accumulating back there and see if that doesn't solve your problem. Of course, if it's under warranty, take it in and let someone else take care of the problem for you.

    Hope this helps...
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    rhumgodrhumgod Posts: 1,289member
    Just tried the open firmware boot option to reset-nvram, set-defaults, reset-all - even though the screen is black, I can hear it working and it does reboot after the last command. The system seems to boot up just fine as I can hear the hard drive reading until about the time the desktop would appear.

    I will open it up and give it a shot. Thanks.
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