OSX Problems for Newbie...

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Despite all the talk of OSX being (virtually) crash free, I find myself crashing far more often than in OS9.

Also, I've been experiencing the following problems:

1) Random deletion of Apple email prefs. I'm forced to re-enter my settings.

2) Toast (any version from 5.1 up) will not burn at the fastest speed. If I cut the speed in half, no problem. Half the time, Toast doesn't recognize the CD burner (QueFire 8x4x32x).

3) iTunes2 locks up the system (I'll be upgrading to Itunes3 as soon as I read other's feedback).

4) My firewire chain has the CD burner attached to the Mac, with 2 firewire HDs chained to it. If I need to power up/down (to get toast to recognize the burner, it unmounts the 2 firewire HDs. Is this the way it's supposed to work?

Any suggestions on trouble shooting? In OSX, can I rebuild the desktop or zap PRAM? Also, what disc utility program do you consider the best?



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    That's a lot to digest all at once.

    If you remove all the FW devices does it still crash?

    How much memory do you have?

    What version OS X do you have?

    Try the Toast web sites about the drive problem. It may be a known issue.

    The Mail thing is weird. Try quitting Mail, deleting all of the Mail preference files in your library folder then restarting Mail. It may be struggling with a corrupt preference file.

    Boot into OS 9 and then you can rebuild the desktop - hold down Command Option while booting OS 9.

    Hold down Command Option P R while booting to zap the PRAM.

    From OS 9 try running Disk First Aid. I use this from time to time. It works OK. Others probably have stronger preferences about disk utilities than I do.
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