How to copy MP3 metadata created in iTunes?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
This has been a big headache for me for ages - Text I enter within iTunes, especially the comments field for MP3 files, is often missing in the Windows folder where my iTunes music is stored. It also often vanishes completely or appears as garbled code (just a series of numbers and letters, each 8 digits long) when the file is backed up.

This is strange because I've bought an extra program that easily backs up my iTunes library - and it always reproduces all the metadata every time - so I suspect this is an iTunes problem - has anyone come across this? is it a problem only in the iTunes comments field?

I'd really appreciate an answer to how to get around this so I can rest easy that all the metadata/tags are also backed up


PS - as an example, I just typed "balloons are wonderful toys" into the comments field of 10 MP3 files within iTunes - then I copied and pasted those files from within iTunes to a Windows folder . 1 file reproduced the text accurately - the other 9 all ended up with 9 different code - here is one example: 00000405 000005C2 00001675 000029F8 00024AF0 00024AF0 0000637C 000071E7 0001B75D 000016C4
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