Should I upgrade to Jaguar?

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I'm in a quandry about whether to upgrade to Jaguar. I feel as if I am being left out of the party re iPhoto and the new version of iTunes. At the moment I run an ibook se/466mhz, with OS 9.2.2. now, will everything feel much slower, expecially as my ibook does not support quartz extreme? Also, I have 192Mb of ram installed - will this be enough. As for the applications, I think that I am ok, as I use fairly basic apps.

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    tomahawktomahawk Posts: 179member
    Depends what other software you are running, what versions, etc.

    If you are using Office you'll want the new copy of that too. Any Adobe products on there? Anything else?

    I'd try to bump the ram up a bit while you are at it. I'm running 320 and would like some more on my Pismo.

    If you can do all the upgrades at once I would do it. I love the OS and will eventually upgrade even though I'm upset about paying twice for the same thing.

    Good Luck
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    xionjaxionja Posts: 504member
    I definatly would. . . for me the cute ichat and the new mail programs are really usefull. I also have an obsession with having the latest version of things. I would almost do it just to see the cd, very fuzzy.
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