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I've downloaded both the Windows media player and the Realplayer for OSX. The WMP has it's own folder but the browser never seems to see it. The real player left itself on my desktop and when moved to the application folder also seems to be invisible to the browser. When I move it back to the desktop it seems to work just fine. Where are these suppose to be located and configured to work properly with explorer.




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    Open up Internet Explorer, and under the "Explorer" menu, select your preferences. Under the "Receiving Files" category, select the "File Helpers" one. There will be an intimidating list of file extensions, mime types, etceteras. Scroll down to the RealMedia ones, select one, and click on "change". There you will be able to edit all attributes of post processing those files.
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    billhbillh Posts: 19member
    Thanks Jack,

    It appears that the real files are properly tagged. I'll have to figure out which should get allocated to Windows later. Any Idea on why the realplayer wouldn't work when I moved it from the desktop to the program files?

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    When you first launch RealONE, and you launched it first from the desktop like me, the setup assistant seems to then configure the settings for your web browser. In the steps mentioned above... when you click on "change..." to edit a particular media type, it brings up a new window. In that new window, there is yet another button titled "change" which allows you to change the actual application used for post-processing.

    For me, since RealONE was first launched on the desktop, that is where it set the paths to. I believe in order to fix that, you have to go back in and manually edit those things... unless there is a method of asking RealONE to setup your web browser again, but this time launching it from your Applications folder, or wherever you have placed it.
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