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Hi - The internet is working fine, but I recently got rid of a PC and put an old 350Mhz G4 as my work computer, and the internet seems slow from my Linksys router. The PC seemed to render screens faster and kick in quicktime faster. I have two Macs on the network and even the dual 1 Gig Mac seems slow. I am using DHCP through the Linksys router and have the router set up for the DNS settings for Earthlink. Are there any magic settings in the Mac or on the router I need to set to optimize the performance on the Macs? Many thanks for any advice - Ian


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    altivecaltivec Posts: 11member
    If you are on MacOS 9, go into the TCP-IP control panel, go in the menu USER MORE, swith it to advance. After go at the bottom right of the windows in OPTION and uncheck "LOAD ONLY WHEN NEEDED", cause by default in MacOS 9 the internet communication protocol keep activate and desactivet it self, so that slowing down a little bit the internet.

    Good luck
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    Sorry for the early message, i just saw you are on OS X, for the moment yes OS X is slow on the internet.... wait for Jaguar... that all i have to say...

    Good Luck
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