QuickTime 6: -5420 error, help! Router prob?

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Network Errors

-5420 - connection failed (couldn't connect to the server)

thats the explanation I have for ANY stream I try and get. I never had this problem before. I am on Cable and have a Router. Prob is, I dont have a clue what I should configure if it is a router problem. Seeing it has a builtin firewall thingy.

For example if I try go to the MWNY Keynote, I get the error, also if I try go to Music Video Network I get the error. Uff


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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    ok, some good news: if you go into the QuickTime preferences, and I choose the Auto Configure Transport thingy and do an auto-test, it reselects as UDP.

    So, now going to streaming sites, I dont get the -5420 error anymore. BUT. I just dont get ANYTHING. Its says "connecting" the "requested data" but the nada. There is zero activity. Also shown by NetMonitor.

    Now what?
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member

    so, this is a one man show

    I put the port manually to HTTP port 80 and all works fine. Vierd
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