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I am considering this certification. I have been Apple-desktop-certified in the past (I worked as a consultant for a Apple VAR/Service Provider), but now I work as a network admin at a publishing company. I am considering asking my company to pay for the ACSA, but I need to find people who have been studying and/or have passed the tests.

Is anyone here currently reading the material or taking the classes?

Is anyone here ASCA certified?

I am a bit confused about the courses. Can I study at home and take the tests when I am ready without flying off to Cali or paying Apple to fly to my company?

Can anyone tell me if the ACSA will include comprehensive UNIX-oriented training. I assume that there is a lot of BSD/Darwin-related material here, right? My weakness (liake many Mac users) is the BSD CLI stuff. I have books, but it would be nice to get a well-rounded training that will help me to prepare myself in supporting my 50+ OS 9 Macs once they transition to X, as well has refine my Unix skills in the CLI that will help me in scritping, networking, low-level troubleshooting, etc.

I would love to hear for those of you who are considering the courses, who are currently in the courses or those who already have the ACSA cert.


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    i think there was a thread on this in another one of the forums. do a search and see if you can come across it, it had a lot of the information you're asking about, plus then you could send e-mails off to the individuals who are actually going ahead and doing it.

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