Urgent Help Please... tried to use disk utility. uH Oh!

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I saw that my 3GB equipped iBook (rev. a) that i had partitioned out with 2.5GB extended, and 500MB FreeSpace was running out of room.

I had to do an reboot, so i figured it best to try to free up that space. Weel somehow I cannot boot from anything other than the 10.1 install CD.

I did make the 500MB partition a new extended and that went fine. Reboot like it said (after quitting installer) and held option key. Oh boy, folder with the ? in it. Durnit!

Help! Have i killed the original 2.5MB partition? Do i have to reformat the whole thing? Thanks and ask if you need more details.

I m sitting here on my ANCIENT 9600 while my ibook sits not serving up the domain that i have been serving. aggggh!!!!!



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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    i doubt you killed your original partition, not without it asking you.

    so what exactly were you trying to do with this OSX install anyway?

    1. what os were you running before?

    2. what were you planning to do with that 500MB. reformat and make another drive, or try to add to the original space?

    if you made it another drive, you should be fine. if you tried to add it to the original space, you're probably toast.

    3. can you still boot of the CD or not anymore?

    4. have you tried to do another OSX install, this time w/o holding down the option key after the first reboot?
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    erikerik Posts: 18member
    [quote]Originally posted by alcimedes:


    if you made it another drive, you should be fine. if you tried to add it to the original space, you're probably toast.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Well, toast is the word. I am now RE-installing 10.1. There goes 2 weeks worth of learning.

    Yes, I am able to boot off of the CD, but now that I am into the install and reconfig, I guess the original point is moot.

    Not snapping. Just frustrated. Thanks for the help.

    Installing. next time I will think before playing God with partitions. LOL
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    yeah, for the future just remember that you can make unpartitioned space something new, but if you try to add it to partioned space you kill the original as well.

    i think that's something every computer has learned the hard way.

    'course, it usually only takes one time before you remember.
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    erikerik Posts: 18member
    Yeah, I remember years ago having a project that HAD to use a PC so I got an IBM and then to save money would not pay to get a dual boot machine.

    Some person told me PartitionMagic was the best of the best. Let's just say that while I have done PC and Mac support both privately and professionally in the past and future, that person has never, ever given me advice again.

    As well, IBM told me to reload the OS. I told them take it back. LOL They did.

    Off to go thru all the updates to get from 10.1 to 10.1.5. oy! oy! oy!

    Something tells me some of my teenage punk, hardcore, ska music is going to be blasting in my office tonite.
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