Apple rumour.

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I read an Article, call it a leak, the other day on a UK marketing company website, about the new Apple TV.

Here is the link:

It fits well with the Apple patents that were released online the other day and it's much more like Apple, I never did think they would actually make big screen TV's?

It describes a wireless HDMI dongle and App for iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Why would they make TVs? From what i understand there's no money in making TV's, well, not at the usual mark-up Apple have.

Way do you reckon?


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    crunchcrunch Posts: 180member
    I like my Apple TV (2nd gen.) and if it would only output 1080p, I would love it, but I get it, it's part of the iOS ecosystem and is tightly integrated with iTunes, which lacks 1080p content. Then there are the concerns that most people won't have enough CPU/GPU power in their computers nor enough broadband bandwidth needed to stream 1080p via WiFi. All good reasons if you're Apple. Still too bad when you care about 1080p or taking the iTunes shackles off the Apple TV, the latter of which the recent jailbreak made possible. At least I won't need to transcode any of my stuff anymore. Plex and FireCore's Media Player are awesome! They even download metadata so it looks just like iTunes with info, posters, etc. Solid stuff!

    I care very much about 1080p, however, so I'll have to get one of the new Roku 2 boxes for 1080p and that's alright, I need a 2nd "streamer" anyway. I'm still looking forward to a new Apple TV 3rd gen. All this stuff is just incredible.
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    Originally Posted by Crunch View Post

    this stuff is just incredible.

    Agreed, I envy my children, what will it be like in 50 years...?
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