Your first computer ever???

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What was the first computer you ever had??

Mine was a Spectravideo 286... it was '87 or '88 i guess.. a second hand one. Commodore 64 was something really woow...

The first one i had used was in '84 .. at my friends home. his dad used the computer for work and it was really woow... we could play hangman sometimes... it had something like 20 or 30 words in total in its memory for that game.

I remember how with that 286 i was so grateful when someone could copy me an entire floppy of games in dos!!! i miss those games.. simple ones, where you just shoot the airplanes or games like pacman ...

It did have already a floppy drive.. ehehe!

Then passed to the micr... (ups.. i was about to say a forbidden word here??) .. some pcs.

The last pc was an Acer ... (laptop, 512t) which i got in '99 .. and now runs only redhat (7.3) ...

Untill i abandoned all the microsoft stuff and fell in love with an iBook )) (combo..)

How about your first computers and computer experiences???


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    cmn083cmn083 Posts: 35member
    At school I had a bitchin commodore - but I drew on the screen in crayon -

    Then I had an apple - the first ones with the 5 1/2 - tehn I got a compaq 486 laptop which was awesome back in 94 - it looked like a regular laptop from today - just thicker and it rocked - it was like 7 grand - then I got a 486 compaq , which blew , then a 266 pII which I thought was the most terrible computer ever till my sister got a celeron with windows me , horribe awful , crashes like kelsey grahmer on coke
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    MODS - lock this puppy up, he's got the same discussion going in General Discussion, where it should originally have been...

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    I thought it was a general topic.. or whatever! they moved it here as far as i understood it

    so where is it going..? (sorry if i mess .. not doing it willingly, just don't know where the post actually is.. ??)
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