PowerMac g4 800Mhz Video out? Older PC monitors work?

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Since some terminology is greeek to me, is the video out on this model (the cheapest currently on store.apple.com) the same type of plug as in the older pre-g series macs? Either the generic PC style that some of my aftermarket video cards have?

Basically what I want to know is if I get this model am I relegated to buying one of the special apple dispays with the new style connector?

I have a few video monitors that have the generic PC style. I'd really like to not have to let my nice Dell (Sony) 21" CRT and my nice Hitachi 17" sit connected to my old 9600...

Thanks folks. I should be buying early next week.


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    Yeah your fine. I forget the number of pins but you can hook up whatever monitor you want. It has the ADC connection and the VGA
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    Should be fine. I am sure your pc monitors use VGA, so looks like it should work to me.
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    erikerik Posts: 18member
    Excellent. I can't wait!!!!! Thanks for the great advice.

    Going on vacation Tomorrow till Sunday to the beach. Then back to web development on OSX on a new machine!

    Thanks Folks!
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