So how will this affect the iPhone?

in iPhone edited January 2014

I'm one of those strange iPhone owners. I've never bought on contract. I've never subsidized an iPhone and while my iPhones have been with T-mobile and on AT&T's network, they've never actually gone through AT&T because I have stayed on prepaid the last few years and used various MVNO's that are on AT&T's network.

In my opinion this is huge. The effect could be both good and bad for Apple. $45 for unlimited every on AT&T's network is a great deal. That means a lot of older Apple iPhones either getting back into the saddle again with regard to being passed on to the secondary market. However this also means the value proposition between a used iPhone on something like Straight Talk (with real 3G service) and a brand new subsidized iPhone is even larger.

What do you think?


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