iPhone Price + sales figure help!

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Hey guys,

I am a student who is currently writing an essay on the topic of ?To what extent are prices of an iPhone the main determinant of quantity demanded?? and I have a few question for this community, hope you guys can help me out!

1. Can someone give me a price lifespan of an iPhone? ( for example , this is not true , iphone 4 was launched on january 1st, the price was $500, on march 1st, the price was $400) Any country would be fine. This type of data is seemingly hard to find on the internet.

2. Does anyone have an organized table of sales of iPhones? (by quarter)

3. Would anyone be interested in doing a little interview about iPhones? ( please private message me)

Thanks so much for your time


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    iPhones remain at the exact same price until the next one comes out. Every time. Same with all Apple products since the return of Steve.
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    Okay. So you are saying that the price of iPhone 4 doesn't change until iPhone 4s is released. OKay.

    but could you provide some data. like (iphone 4 cost XXX, and then it costed XXX)

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    I am going to be focusing on the original 8GB iPhone, here is some information I've collected:

    orginal price in US $599 , release date June 29, 2007

    on September 5, 2007, the price dropped to $399 until Apple discontinued it.

    Can someone tell me when was the orginal iPhone discontinued?
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    Originally Posted by lang94 View Post

    Can someone tell me when was the orginal iPhone discontinued?

    Sure; the day of the iPhone 3G introduction, so July... Crap, used to know it.
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