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[quote]4. No Warranty. You understand that all information provided to you by Apple is supplied “AS IS”

without warranty of any kind as to its accuracy or completeness. To the extent that Apple makes available any

products or product information, you understand that Apple is under no obligation to provide updates,

enhancements, or corrections, or to notify you of any product changes that Apple may make.<hr></blockquote>

This is from the <a href=""; target="_blank">terms and conditions</a> page in <a href=""; target="_blank">this link</a>. Does this mean that if I use the ADC discount on my TiBook it doesn't come with the normal one year warranty ??


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    brdocbrdoc Posts: 31member
    It might, however, I think that it means that they don't provide a warranty on any software that they might give you as a result of your membership in ADC. It is possible, that they are talking about hardware, but I doubt it. I will look into it more.

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    brdocbrdoc Posts: 31member
    You might find this interesting though... In addition, we request that students fax a copy of student identification AND proof of current class registration in developer-related courses. Apple reserves the right to refuse access to this offer by non-students and/or non-developers.

    I hope that you are in a C++ class or something like that in college!!!
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    Okay, I think that the paragraph baisicaly says that Apple is not required to update or provide help with any hardware or software that provides you with as a result of your ADC membership. I think that this only includes prototypes that they might furnish you with. If you read farther down on the terms there is a section that deals with the hardware purchase program. It does not mention anything about there being "NO WARRANTY", so I think that it is safe to say that there is a warranty on these products. You can even purchase an "Apple Care" contract.

    Does that answer your question?

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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    I am enrolled in two hardware programming classes next semester. I hope that programming circuits counts, or else I'll have to wait until winter semester. =( I don't think they'll have a problem I can show them my transcript and they'll see that I have taken high-level programming courses.
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    Update :

    I emailed Apple about the legal part and I was given an 800 number to call about it. I emailed them about whether or not hardware programming counts as being a developer. I'll keep posting updates for those interested that might use the info. =)
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    if i enroll in student ADC will i get jaguar for free?
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    Stupid apple ... I don't want to wait 4-6 weeks for me TiBook ... I want to pay extra for 2-day shipping.
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    [quote]if i enroll in student ADC will i get jaguar for free?<hr></blockquote>


    To others:

    read the fine print in the terms and conditions:

    [quote]5. Apple will endeavor to ship items within four to six weeks after accepting your order. Apple cannot, however, guarantee shipment within this period.<hr></blockquote>

    [quote]6. Participants in the ADC Hardware Purchase Program agree not to resell or otherwise transfer any items

    purchased for a period of at least one year from the date of shipment, and agree that all equipment ordered

    under the ADC Hardware Purchase Program will be used only for the purpose of developing software and/or hardware products that will be sold for use with Apple products.<hr></blockquote>

    I'm going to ask them how long it is currently taking them to process orders when I call later. Actually I'm going to go upstairs now and call on my cell. About that last part though, I'm sure that Apple can't enforce that unless they can somehow prove that you developed something on the Mac you bought. And it would be pretty lame if they nailed you for cross-compiling your program in linux as well as on Mac, with their "open standards" stance and all.

    edit : I think that those terms mean that as long as your program runs and will be sold on Mac you should be fine. So cross-platform development should be fine.(after re-reading it)

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    I think ADC student members should get Jaguar, the last ADC e-mail said that all people who receive ADC mailings will get Jaguar once it is released. Student memberships do include a customized form of the mailing according to the ADC web site. I'll be buying and ADC student membership soon so I can get Jaguar, and besides I was planning on getting one anyway.
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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    Update :

    Just got off the phone.


    The Warranty part (in the beginning of the terms and conditions. Number 2 to be exact.) doesn't apply to the ADC Hardware Purchase plan.


    The part about shipping is kind of a reservation that Apple makes. According to the guy I talked to it usually doesn't take that long (he said nothing that I could hold him to, for obvious reasons ... *cough* doesn't want to get fired if I decide to hold him to something he says *cough*). He also mentioned something to the effect that the more 'non-stock' that you make your purchase the longer it will take (i.e. lots of extras or special caterings in your order). Apple is reserving the legal right to take that long. I guess in case they get backed up then they don't have to worry about people complaining or suing or something.


    I have to talk to ADC Hardware Program people directly about it. I will have to wait for them to answer the email that I sent earlier.


    I wouldn't worry about this. If I develop any software I plan to have cross-platform compatibility (unix/windows/OSX). I doesn't specify anything about the software needing to be ONLY for Mac. As long as you don't tell anyone that you used it to edit the windows-only program that you are doing for work, then I don't see a problem. ( legal disclaimer : I am not endorsing the breaking of the terms and conditions, I am merely pointing out that this term is hard to enforce completely. Especially if the offender is the only one that knows of the offense )

    I hope this helps people out. =)

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    now does this have to be actual programming (c, c++, obj. c) or does web development count too? (html, php, mysql, javascript)
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    [quote]Originally posted by ThunderPoit:

    <strong>now does this have to be actual programming (c, c++, obj. c) or does web development count too? (html, php, mysql, javascript)</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I have yet to get a response to my email about hardware vs software development though. PHP/mySQL is programming. HTML and JavaScript aren't really pogramming. JavaScript is borderline though. Which part are you referring though? The 'must make programs that are apple compatible' part or the 'must be enrolled in development courses' part ?
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