Where can I get real training to manage a mac network?

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I am planning to take over the administration, maintenance, and purchasing of hardware for my department. I work for a comercial printer and have been using macs forever. However, my company's IT guy has not really taken care of our computers for some time.

They don't typically need alot of attention but I have been doing routine maintenance and such as of late.

My problem is that I don't have any technical training in this field. Where could I get some tecnical training on networks, system architecture from a mac-centric point of view.

I would love any suggestions .


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    <a href="http://train.apple.com/"; target="_blank">Apple Training</a>

    check out ATCC (OS X Admin Basics + OS X Server Essentials... but wait for Jaguar or you'd need to recertify anyway)

    may not be next door, but a week trip may be ok

    depending on the printing tech you use, vendor training (some all-pdf digital print shops here) might also be a possibility. adobe and hiedelberg will customize for some clients, but not cheaply.

    if what you're looking for is a "meaningful" certification, specifying whose seal adds value may help illuminate or offset your choices.

    Apple branded paperwork may match your h/w.

    some Adobe certification for their ACE program represents pass/fail of basic-intermediate s/w chops and may not be directly applicable to the specific enviroment or needs you describe (maybe you're correcting bad illustrator paths, maybe quark)


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