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All existing posting guidelines apply. But for the sake of simplicity and ease of understanding, I am proposing that only two general guidelines be actively enforced:


0. If you're here to crap on Apple, its fans or its customers, you're not long for this forum.

1. No personal attacks on members of AI.

2. No intentional disruption of the forum (spamming images, posting nonsense after every post, etc).

Notes and clarifications:

1. Profanity is allowed. Profanity for the sole purpose of profanity falls under rule 2 above (e.g., a whole post of nothing but profanity). Please practice moderation. Profanity against forum members is against rule #1.

2. Attacks against anyone NOT a member of AI, including AI itself, are allowed. However, posting or discussion of forum moderation, except in threads set up for that purpose, will be unceremoniously removed.

3. Posts or replies of political nature belong in Political Outsider forum, the "safe harbor" for political discussions. Such posts will either be deleted or moved there.

4. Comments of a religious nature, for or against, do not belong on AppleInsider.

5. Comments that have nothing to do with the original post are discouraged, particularly if it derails threads.

6. Obnoxious or silly typography, excessive signatures and blog self-promotion may be modified at the discretion of the moderators. The presence of typographical tools do not justify their misuse, and may be declared a violation of rule 2.

7. Please keep images of a reasonable size, check them before posting.

The decision as to whether a post violates rule 1 or 2 shall be the decision of the moderator. Appeals will be ignored unless a clerical or identification error has occurred (e.g. banning wrong account).

When you identify a post as violating rule 1 or 2, click the Report Post button. The post will be reviewed and action may or may not be taken depending on the assessment of the moderator. Vigilante attack replies may be subject to penalties.

The threads will be periodically reviewed for violations of rules 1 or 2.

Any questions or comments on these rules can be taken up in the Feedback forum.

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