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have two iMacs and a new airport basestation...what is the easiest way to share files back and forth between the two computers?? if i'm sitting in the computer room, can i grab a document off the computer in the kids room?? we have a better printer in the computer room and right now the kids email things to me to seems i should be able to trade back and forth between the two machines...thanks g

will look around tonight when i get home...i know it should be easy to find and do....


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    You've probably discovered this by now, but check out the "Create Network" option under the Airport icon in the menu bar. Once you define a network name and password, you can easily swap files between computers.

    Also note that, with 10.2 (Jaguar), you will get (regain, actually) USB printer sharing functionality, allowing your kids to print directly over the wireless network to the printer attached to your Mac.
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    thanks...that's what i really the little freaks can stop bugging me and print their own stuff...brats cutting into my downloading of porn time....

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    *deleting duplicate post*

    Gotta break that back button habit...

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    Also ... if file sharing is turned on at the target computer, you can (in the finder) select "GO-Connect to Server" and log on to the machine just like any other Server. This way won't interupt your internet connection (the first suggestion might not either, although it does in a WinXP network... havn't tried it on the macs that way)
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    What KingOfSomewhereHot said.

    Enable AppleShare file sharing on one or both machines, then you should be able to mount volumes or home directories via AppleShare over TCP/IP.
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