iOS 6 Wish list

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1. Apple created Mapping system with Turn by Turn GPS directions in the voice of Siri but additional voices downloadable via iTunes for a small fee.

2. AirDrop support

3. Group email support in contacts/mail. Duplicates finder with merge features

4. More notification center widget control.

5. New method for moving apps across landing pages.

6. Sir control of basic settings, Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Camera, etc

7. 3 finder gesture for fast app switching

8. Unified text handling and system fonts that work across apps

9. Ability to hide apps

10. Password protecting of email accounts

11. Unified authorization API (Twitter, Facebook, etc) that links to Apple ID

12. True Multitasking - just kidding


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    First, my replies.

    1. WANT.

    2. Not sure how that would work… are you suggesting Apple set aside a portion of the drive as some sort of file dumper? Basically acting as a wireless flash drive between iOS devices and Macs, but untouchable to the user and applications on the device (save the appropriate one)? Then WAAAAAANT.

    3. Group as in the ability to group e-mail addresses for sending to multiple contacts more simply? Yeah, that should definitely go in.

    4. Always nice to see.

    5. You mean a new way to get between apps (instead of the Multitasking Bar or swiping)?

    6. Won't even start on how much more Siri could do that we can't even imagine yet…

    7. Okay, now I'm confused between 5 and 7.

    8. Doesn't it have that now?

    9. Without Parental Controls applied, right?

    10. Mmm… I don't see that happening, though. It'd be nice, but that's more of a 'multiple users' feature, and Apple doesn't seem to be going that route yet.

    11. Anything where I don't have to type in my password all the time is welcome.

    12. Oh, but we HAVE to get that to beat Android!

    And now my additions.

    1. I'd like to see something like Mission Control for multitasking. Or, rather, just something simple. I want Spaces for multitasking. The bar sucks, swiping is better, but combining them into something that shows you an overview of open apps but is as easy to use as the swipe would be perfect.

    2. A Siri API. Doesn't even have to mean that Siri is out of beta. Just a Siri API for developers. They'd go freaking nuts.

    3. A feature that has never been on any electronic or physical device in the history of human civilization. That way when it's gratuitously copied in Android, the lawsuit to end all lawsuits (literally) gets rolling.
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    I guess that AirDrop on iOS would be an App that you could easily do quick file exchange and then do a long tap and open it up in the program of your choice. Kind of like what we do with Drop Box without WAN support.

    I'm surprised we STILL cannot send emails out to groups on our iPhones? Better editing facilities are a must because now we cannot assume that there's a Mac or PC in the chain to do the editing.

    5. Dragging icons to the edge of the screen to move stuff around caused my mother FITS!! I recommend just being able to do a long tap and swipe down on the icon which would reveal the page numbers. Tap on the number and the app is sent to that page. Full pages would be grayed out.

    7. I LOVE using the 4 finger swipe on the iPad to switch recently used apps. 3 finders would be easy to do on the iPhone to accomplish the same thing.

    8. Not that I know of. I don't think there's a way add additional fonts to the system that all apps can access and I read one developer say that the text engine in iOS is kind of basic. I think there's room for improvement so that the iPad has stronger typography.

    10. Too bad .....I admit ...I've got some NSFW style stuff that hits my inbox lol. Just want to be careful.


    Hmmmmmmm something like expose for iOS. I've seen mockups that were kind of useful thought geeky. I like

    SIRI API for the WIN!!! Glad it's starting off slowly because even my lady gets a bit surprised by all it can do and needs to work her Siri Fu up to a Master level.

    3. "I'm willing to go thermonuclear on this" sigh I miss Steve.
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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    Like the Siri suggestions.

    Otherwise I'm very happy with iOS 5. It is so smooth, polished and refined that it leaves me wanting for little. In fact I'm happy just with my meager 3gs now that it has iOS 5. I was going to get a 4s when it came out but I think I can wait for the next iPhone now that I have iOS 5 on my 3gs.
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    It would be nice if an upward finger swipe from the bottom brought up the multitask tray. My home button has been on the fritz and I don't like double-clicking it to kill the processes that are running.

    I also wish the temperature/weather was displayed on the weather app icon itself so I wouldn't have to launch it. Like if the icon itself could indicate rain or snow or sun and it displayed the current temperature on it.

    Maybe I'm just being a diva, though.
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    Originally Posted by FiveIronFrenzy View Post

    It would be nice if an upward finger swipe from the bottom brought up the multitask tray.

    It already does… It has since 4.3…

    Oh, the iPhone… well, you can activate that with Xcode, I think.
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