Recovering deleted e-mail in OS X's Mail app...can I?

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Hey guys.

A small, minor emergency here: over the weekend, I somehow managed to delete an e-mail in OS X's Mail app.

Was zoning out and throwing out some other stuff and this one got included.

Is there an easy, reasonably headache-less way I can somehow recover this, using just the OS or whatever utilities might come with OS X?

Is this stuff cached somewhere in OS X's funky file structures, buried inside some Mail-oriented Library or folder? This is one of those times where you REALLY hope something isn't gone for good!

I don't have Norton or anything and I just desperately want to get this ONE e-mail (I deleted it Sunday) back so I can finish reading it.

It's important. The person who sent it can't resend's gone on their end.


Answer here, OR feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] directly for help.

Thanks in advance.

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