Need help with setting up right 'id's

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we are family of 4. each of us have a macbook lion, iPad iOS5, and iPhone iOS5.

we would like to:

- each one can have their own contacts and calendar

- plus each one needs to have one shared family contacts and one family calendar

- each one can have their own docs and photos but need to share many of them within the family

- each one needs to have their messenger ids, facetime ids so we can chat / facetime each other

- each one needs to share the songs/movies/books/apps purchased with one apple-id

Please guide to optimally use the new features.




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    For the calendar, share the calendar portion of an iCloud account between all of the devices. Call the account "[email protected]" or something and assign it a "Family" name in the account setup. That address will obviously have been taken by now so do [yourlastname][email protected] or whatever.

    Then for their individual accounts, just make sure they change the color appropriately when creating a new event and it shouldn't sync across to everyone else's. I think. Pretty sure.

    You can't share contacts AND have individual contacts. You have to have one or the other.

    You can't have your own photos AND share SOME.

    The same goes for document sharing.

    Having individual iMessage accounts will require separate iCloud accounts for each of you (which is straightforward) and should probably work alongside the shared family calendar.

    And for shared media, just make sure to buy ALL media using that shared iCloud calendar account.
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