Use iMessage Mac with MSN Live Messenger?

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I just got the beta version of iMessage and I like it a lot. I have previously used Adium and I have friends on so many chat services such as AIM, Yahoo, and Google Talk. Most of my friends are on Facebook Chat and MSN Live Messenger though. After posting on another forum I was given instructions that can be used to set up iMessage through Jabber. It worked very well but the person who responded said that MSN Live Messenger can also work through Jabber but the instructions he had didn't work. Has anyone been able to get iMessage to work with MSN Live Messenger through Jabber? Thanks.


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    Just to clarify, it's Messages, not iMessage. One's a program, the other's a protocol.

    Since MSN works perfectly fine in iChat through Jabber, I'd imagine it remains so in Messages.

    You could try this for easy setup. I'm not sure if it accepts Mountain Lion.
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    I tried it on Mountain Lion and it's not working. :-( . Help Plz..

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    Thanks! Cocoon ( ) works fine for me on Mountain Lion (10.8) Great to have MSN in

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    Cocoon worked great with Mac Messages and MSN Messenger. The only problem is people have to message you first to register with iMessage. If you try entering an email address and message them first, you will get this error message:


    Message could not be sent

    [email protected] is not registered with iMessage


    I work from a remote office on my retina macbook pro. Everyone at my main office uses Windows and MSN Messenger. I just had them all message me once first and that registered them with iMessage. Now we can message back and forth no problem.

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    Worked for me. Thanks DrinkBrainJuice! Apple should have made the Messages app more complete by including this.

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    Cocoon worked for me too. Thanks a million for this great tip. Was struggling a bit with Jabber...really cool little pluggin

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