How to set up MS Remote Desktop Connection in Win XP?

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Hi All,

\tI have a nice cheapo little Athlon box that I run Softimage XSI on for school. I finally got XP Pro installed on it so I could tinker with Remote Desktop Connection. The problem is, I sure as heck can't figure out how to set it up. I've played around with it for way too long with no success. Microsoft's website doesn't have any info on setting it up. Could anybody whip up a little Windows idiot's guide to setting up RDC? I know very little with respect to networking in Windows, so details are nice. Also, if anybody knows of a place that has this info already, please post where it is!




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    Actually, you can find the instructions in the Xp Help and Support (under Start menu)

    1) Open Control Panel

    2) Open System

    3) Select Remote Panel

    4) Under "Remote Desktop" Click: "Allow users to connect remotely to the computer" checkbox

    5)Click "Apply" button

    6)You can now connect as any admin user remotely. If you would like to add users who are not admins, press "Select Remote Users", click "Add" and type in the name of the user you want to add in the text box, and click ok.


    PS: a MS/XP forum may have been a better option for finding XP related help

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    that's the one single thing I hadn't checked!
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