burned out motherboard

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Well, it happens. Someone in our organazation was putting some RAM back in one of our Dual 533 G4 and somehow got it flipped around (don't ask me how) As he turned it on he said he heard some burning type smell and the computer went dead. So new motherboard? The RAM works fine in other computers. So where do we go to get another logic board, or is it more cost effective to buy another system?


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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    most likely buy another system.

    however, before you go to those lengths, you might want to see what all is really dead in there. if you have a few macs around, get two really close to eachother.

    plug the powersupply from a working one into the dead one, see if it works then.

    sounds like a power supply shorted out to me, you'd have a hell of a time frying just the capacitors on the board unless the guy broke one off or something.

    just a thought.
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