Are there any External Combo drives?

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I bought an iBook 500 Mhz with cd and I am hitting myself over the head for not getting a built in cd burner and dvd drive... Is there a firewire external combo drive I can use for my iBook? I want to be able to watch dvds and burn cds. I think my white iBook's video card supports dvd.... right?

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    There used to be a Formac Combo-drive, but it seems like it went out of production. The only product page I could find is this <a href=""; target="_blank">page</a> in German! Not very helpful I'm afraid...
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    Would buying an internal Combo drive and putting it in a Firewire case work? Because if it does that could be an option.
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    Whoa! What is this firewire case you talk about?? This is something I have never seen! Show me! Show me!
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