Can I print wirelessly with this AirPort setup?

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PowerBook G4 Ti800 with built-in AirPort card

Epson Color Stylus 1520 Printer with Ethernet card.


AirPort Base Station.

WAN Port to cable modem

LAN Port to Epson SC1520 Printer

I?m thinking of this setup but no Apple shop in my country can give me a definite YES answer. See if you guys have any clue.

AirPort Base Station has two Ethernet ports. I will use the WAN port for my cable connection which is going to work anyway in both Mac OS 9 and OS X. But what if I have the LAN port connected directly to my Epson Colour Stylus 1520 printer which is equipped with an Ethernet card? Will my PowerBook G4 Titanium 800 with AirPort built-in be able to detect the printer and print wirelessly? Another problem, my printer is not supported in OS X. That?s a tough one right?


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    The setup WORKS!!! Only on OS 9. Will find a way for OS X. Once again, anyone, any clue?


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    Make sure you have all the updated drivers on your system. Make sure your internet settings are set up to have printing capabilities over the web. Make sure file sharing is set up also on both computers.
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