Help please - Problem reinstalling printer driver

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Sorry, this has got to be the least sexy problem in this forum but its real. I've just had to reinstall OSX and brought myself back up to 10.1.5. Thought everything was fine but now I find i cant print. I have an Epson Stylus 740 and downloaded the software for OSX, installed it but Print Center is still telling me I have no Printers so it won't print. One clue might be that during the installation the instructions said to click on install but the only option on my dialogue box said "Upgrade". It seems to go through the process but to no avail. It's almost as if the old driver is there but not recognised.

What makes it worse is that I can access the Epson Printing utility to check my ink and to do that it throws up the same box of available printers but this time the 740 is there ! This is shaking my faith. Help please?

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