(Don't shoot but) how ddo i connect Linux to the local net???

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sorry i know it's not a linux board, i just hope there's someone who has resolved the problem before...

there's one adsl modem here. it only runs with windows. now i'm here with mac, so in the local net 'condivisione connessione internet' or sth limke that in windows (italian..) .. so now, i want to see how to config it with linux!!

the linux (redhat 7.3) runs on a laptop taht has the network thing on the pcmcia. the redhat recognises the pcmcia, and the power goes there. but when i try to use konquerer or opera, they don't go anywhere...

do i need magic in konsole??

or is there a preference somewhere that needs to be fixed?

or is there an applicatoin or something i need to use???

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gee i feel lost.

at least my kde redhat behaves like mac.

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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    well, i'm not very familiar with kde, but there should be a pref or something somewhere to change the network settings. the ethernet card (aka "network thing" ), should be setup to connect via "DHCP" (dynamic host connection protocol). once, u have it using dhcp, it should work. you could try dropping into xterm, and writing "ifconfig -a" (not sure if that'll work on redhat, becuase the only *nix i have is osx). if you can make out an ip address [4 numbers separated by '.'] that doesn't start with 255, 192, 169, 10, or 1, then you are probably on the net. you could then try "ping apple.com". if that works, then u are definitely on.
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    dmgeistdmgeist Posts: 153member
    Most network cards work with linux. If all your settings are correct

    for your connection type, then check for your network card in your

    boot up. If you don't see the card booting up with all the rest of your

    devices or it hangs on connect and fails to connect then you need to

    reconfigure you kernal. Go to <a href="http://www.kernel.org"; target="_blank">www.kernel.org</a> for info and the kernel

    to hack and reconfigure your linux box. Have fun...this is the best part

    of a linux installion....making everything work right....OSX users

    take this for granted all the time....
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