Setting up a DOS Compatibility Card w/7200

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I've obtained a DOS compatibility card for my 7200, it works fine and dandy with Mac OS 9 despite having the impression it wouldn't.

However, since it didn't come with an OS, I had to find one by myself. I copied over PC-DOS from a VPC onto a disk but it was extremely basic. Had no drivers etc. Basically just

I need someone to tell me what would be a suitable DOS for a Pentium 100 MHz and how to get the Apple drivers copied onto the OS. And to get an OS working (like how to copy and make a DOS disk image bootable in Mac OS)


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    I used to have the 7200/120 w/100mhz dos card..

    The best instructions I can give you are to find an older copy of Winblows. There are sets you can pick up.. used computer stores and whatnot. You need to have the actual disks - with the DOS discs as well. I don't know if I would push it to Win98.. but I know 95 ran fairly well. The OS should install the same way you would on a real PC. You hit the "Command+Return" hotkey switch.. wait for the prompt to come up.. Insert the disk.. Hit any key to install.. and so on.. it's tedious, but sweet once you get it done.

    Now that I think of it there are Apple disks you need as well.. for the compatibilty with the MacOS. Maybe the installers can be found online somewhere.. have you exhausted the Apple Website? I am sure someone somewhere has them for download. Have you tried eBay?

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