Contextual Menu Crash In OS X

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When I try to invoke a contextual menu in OS X, the app crashes. This happens in every app I have tried.

I'm pretty sure it's not the few 3rd party extensions I have tried, as I removed them and still get the crash.

I'd try trashing the preferences, but don't know where they are...

...any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    what 3rd party extensions did you install? have you tried restarting after uninstalling them? some programs on osx run hidden. you can only see them from special tools, like `ps` and `top` in If your savvy, you can try kill'ing suspicious processes you see in `top`, but restarting will more likely kill them (unless they are set to autostart when u log in).

    i don't know if trashing prefs will help, but many of them are located in "~/Library", and "~/Library/Application Support". (tilde [~] means "/Users/yourloginame/"). You shouldn't trash the whole folder of course. And you should be wary of what you delete (if anything) from there.
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    animaniacanimaniac Posts: 122member
    I got this problem in Jag with M$'s Intelli Mouse Explorer. Just reinstall the M$ drivers and it should work.
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