3 beeps at startup please help

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i have a tibook 500mhz, i was in os x when i had a kernal panic...so i restarted and when the machine is turned on instead of the startup chime i hear 3 beeps and then nothing comes on the screen. and also the sleep indicator light just flashes

any help on this would be appreciated


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    It could be bad memory. Have you recently upgraded the machine? Try pulling one of the RAM chips to see if that alleviates the problem. Make sure any peripherals are unplugged... like all USB and FireWire devices.
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    eelcoeelco Posts: 4member
    3 beeps means that no RAM bank past memory testing.

    try removing the RAM from the upper expansion slot (if there is any). If symptom does not repeat, replace the RAM. If symptom does repeat, replace the lower RAM with a known-good and compatible RAM card.

    If this doesn't solve your problem, I'm afraid your logic board needs replacing
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    thanks guys...it was a bad memory stick, i replaced it and its all good to go

    thanks again.
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