B&W G3 and AirPort Compatibility

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How exactly can I make my non-AirPort capable B&W G3 compatible with AirPort? I have an existing AirPort network of a 17in iMac and a TiBook wirelessly sharing a cable internet connection. Naturally, I am looking for a cheap solution to add the B&W to my existing wireless network.

What do you think?


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    You can either buy a USB-->Wireless adapter (Proxim makes a good one, but it only works with OS 9 for now). Or, you can add a card-carrier in one of your PCI slots, and then put a wireless PC card in that carrier. If you don't feel comfortable opening your computer, then go with the USB adapter. However, if you are comfortable with that, or need to use OS X, go with the PCI card.


    [edit] Some links...

    <a href="http://proxim.com/products/all/skyline/pn474/index.html"; target="_blank">Proxim's USB adapter</a>

    <a href="http://proxim.com/products/all/skyline/pn476/index.html"; target="_blank">Proxim PCI card-carrier</a>

    And there are other brands, I just happened to be at the Proxim site, so I posted those links.

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    I'm pretty sure I can just use an ethernet cable to connect my B&W G3 to the AirPort Base Station's LAN port.
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    Yeah, you could do that too. I thought you were talking about adding it wirelessly...didn't realize you were considering a wired network. Sorry.

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    Yeah, it's cheapest to do it that way.
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