Syncing AddressBook/Contacts

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After reading Insider tricks I was able to get my iPhone cleaned up but did encounter Exchange contacts and thought I just post my final sequence. I would credit my original source but I can't find where or who I got it from. To you THANKS.

1. If the Contact entries that you want to keep is on the Computer (MacBook in my case), go ahead and weed out all unwanted entries as well as making corrections. At this stage you , save/backup as vCards. This means that the only thing you need now is this vCard save.

2. On your IOS device, iPhone in my case, go to "Setting", then "iCloud" and switch "Contacts" from "on" to "off".* When you flip the switch to "off", you will be prompted asking if you want to "keep on my iPhone" or "delete from my iPhone".* I selected "delete from my iPhone".* I wanted my iPhone clean because I wanted it be restored from after the restore. I did encounter a difficulty in that my iPhone had an Exchange account which also had contacts which I also elected to switch Off. I you don't, you'll wind up with that contact list and you can't get the saved version installed. How I got an Exchage account is a mystery since I don't have a Microsoft computer.

3. Now go to the Address Book/Contacts on your computer, select all contacts and hit "delete" on your keyboard.* At this time both the iPhone and computer have no Contacts.

4. So once both my computer and were both wiped clean and my iOS devices had the syncing turned off, that is when I restored my vCard back to my computer.* When I logged back into iCloud after the vCard restore to my computer, iCloud was synced and populated perfectly.


5. Then I went back to my iOS devices and flipped the switch back to "on" for contacts and it all synced up.
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