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When i download a program in osx it puts a disk image on my desktop for the program. How do i get rid of this icon? If i put it in a folder or on the hard drive it just puts an alias and the disk image icon remains on the desktop. any ideas?


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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    hold down the control or option key (i forget which) to make a copy to your HD. after you have the copy, then eject the disc image.
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    A disk image is like a virtual disk, opening the .dmg or .smi file is like inserting the disk but it is called mounting and a disk icon appears on your desktop. As the computer sees this as a disk you must treat it like a disk, if you drag it to anywhere, like alcimedes said, while holding down the option key it will make a copy of it in the form of a folder, this copy will actually be a folder, not a disk so you can put it anwhere you like, edit it or delete it then you can get rid of the disk image by unmounting it in the same way you would eject a disk (but not deleting it). Then, if you want to, you can also delete the .dmg or .smi file.

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