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Hello everyone,

i have a quick question that has been bugging me the past couple days. i recently started using the reminders app on iOS 5 and find it really useful and quick ( do wish it could recognize dates in the reminder and sort accordingly ex, "Lunch tomorrow at 2pm", but anyways) i also use iCal and have my phone and my MBP synced with a google calendar. i found out how to sync my reminders to iCal with iCloud which is great but i would like if the reminder was actually put onto the proper calendar date, not just on the right hand side. Is this possible?

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    The icon for Reminders describes at a glance exactly what it does -- it looks like a list of tasks, each with a check mark indicating completion. Reminders works on the concept of lists, and you can create any number of them. The app automatically adds a list called "completed" that contains any task that you have finished but have not deleted.

    make sure you have ?calendars? checked.

    i have no idea why they didnt have an option for ?reminders? as they have separate entries in the ios5 settings.

    anyway, once you have the ical setup your ios devices

    settings > icloud

    turn reminders on

    "But wait," you may say, "There's no Reminders app on the Mac!" You're right -- but iCal does have a Reminders pane that appears. You can add new reminders in iCal (5.0.1 or later), and they'll appear instantly on all of your other devices. There's also the ability to add a local (on my Mac) or iCloud Reminder list from iCal, as well as a shortcut for creating Reminders using Command-K.
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