Weird iCloud Snafus

in iCloud edited January 2014
So the other day I need to contact Home Depot Customer Service. Create a new contact for them on my eMac's Address Book from the 800 number on their site. Open Skype in my iPad and first thing I see, my neighbor whose last name begins with A has had her mobile number switched to Home Depot's 800. Check Contacts on iPad and Address Book on eMac and yup, it's under her name there as as well. Manually re-enter her mobile on both devices and re-sync, her info is okay again. But when I opened iPad contacts on Skype and select Home Depot, it still showed my neighbor's name under Home Depot's number over the dial pad. At least it dialed out correctly but sheesh! Checked my iPad again today and Skype now lists Home Depot correctly on the dial pad, but a new number with a Manhattan area code has been added to it in iPad Contacts that reverse lookup indicates is private and on a residential street, don't recognize it at all.

And last night I happened to open iCloud web mail on my eMac (hadn't been checking it there in a while since it is easier to retrieve messages through Mail on the iPad,) and found an unread message from a previous contact in Junk. Never showed up on the iPad, came in about two weeks ago. At least it wasn't something very important, but still...

Do these problems sound typical, or is there a ghost in my house?


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