QT 6 vs. QT 5: Movie playback in browser worse...

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After upgrading to QT6, I attempted to watch some movie previews on the Apple QT page, as is my habit, and found that playback was quite poor...

Unfortunately, for nearly every movie, playback gets hung up after a few seconds. Essentially what happens is: about 1/5 of the movie loads and playback of sound only with jerky video begins; then I get the spinning disc icon alternating with an arrow every few seconds; the whole system gets slowed down (even if I go to another app, things are slowed tremendously) and the movie rarely fully loads.

I just tried reinstalling QT5 and playing back the same movie with the same settings, and things worked flawlessy as before.

Anyone else have this experience? Will Jaguar take care of this?


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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    Thats odd, QT 6 greatly improved playback for me, especially with mpgs. Quicktime formatted movies play better as well, though.
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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    I don't have that problem in Jaguar, but I didn't have that problem in 10.1.5 either, or 10.1 for that matter. Didn't have any problems with QT 5 or 6, either.
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    That is *very* odd. Like the others here, QuickTime 6 has drastically improved playback and reduced CPU usage in all areas.

    What browser are you using?
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    That is strange because it is EXACTLY OPPOSITE for me. In QT5 it would download, play the first couple seconds, and then start over on its own, even though there was enough video to keep playing.

    In QT6 I do not have this problem at all. It corrected it very very nicely.
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