Should AT&T Be Worried?

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My belief is that AT&T should be worried on two fronts:

Angering their customer base and losing those customers to alternative Voice-Over-IP (VOiP) services.

And with increasing free hot-spots for data and VOiP, who really needs cell towers?

When I was in Europe, I left my cell phone at home and used my WI-FI Only iPad 2 (no phone on it mind you) and downloaded Skype to call home to the United Stated and make calls for hours all over Europe. Cost was under $10.


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Lose customers to VoIP? How? They still have to pay AT&T for the data.

    AT&T won't ever stop existing unless the government breaks them up again.

    You're talking about Europe and then AT&T? You made calls from your car, from the wilderness, from in a park, from five feet outside a city or town?

    You can't do that here. VoIP will never supplant cellular telephony.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    VoIP will never supplant cellular telephony.

    While I agree with your sentiment... "never" isn't the right word to use.

    I use my cellular data frequently ... unless you never leave the heart of a major city, there just is NOT WiFi covereage (free OR paid.) So for the near future, cellular is here to stay ...

    But LONG TERM... yes, AT&T should be worried about their current mode of doing business... as soon as a better alternative becomes available, their customers will flock to it. (And I don't mean VZ or Sprint ... they are not a BETTER alternative, just another version of the same thing... they're in the same boat when the "next great thing" comes along.)
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