clicking sound from QS case

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Well as I was reinstalling Micro$uck IE 5.2.1 (becuase of IE's many unexpected quits)my 867QS 10.1.5 made some strange double clicking noises as the installer dialogue box came open and said it would have to "quit all running apps" I have never heard this type of noise before, it sounded like swithches resetting...3 times it double clicked.

Has anyone else had the clicking noises ? and does anyone know what it could be?


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    Wow, I am overwhelmed by the help here.

    Hasn't anyone had this happen with their computers

    or am I the lone case in this vast mac world?

    Sorry for the sarcasm, I am a bit of a prique sometimes.

    Well, aside from the first time I experienced this "click-click" it hasn't happened again. I guess thats good, huh? .......... Laters
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