AI deletes Fake Phil Schiller rather than issuing a correction?

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What gives? Apple Insider posted a story with a screenshot from a fake Phil Schiller account claiming Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing said there would be no live stream of tomorrow's iPad announcement. The way the twitter handle was formatted made it look like it was from the official account, and it could fool anyone at a quick glance. However, instead of issuing a correction to the article, AI decided to completely delete the story from the front page and remove the associated threat discussing that article.

It's not exactly a damning scandal, but I think AppleInsider should own up to their mistake and issue a correction to the story, rather than delete all traces of it. It's a disservice to their readers for trying to hide their mistake.

URL to the original article (now removed):


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    This wouldn't bother me as much, but Cult of Mac did the exact same thing. They posted a story on this and seem to have deleted it without mention.

    AppleInsider, be better than the rest of the crop.

    On a related note, I hate Twitter so much.
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