Logitech Dual Optical freezing OS X (?)

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
OK, i had quite a few games crash (as in TOTALLY freeze OSX... no salvage possible... only cold restart). Also a few times, just out of the blue OS X would totally freeze.

I have now installed Jaguar and basically with NO drivers installed, almost no software, etc etc, I only had etehrnet, audio out, and my Logitch Dual Optical USB mouse. I started up Quake 3 to play Urban Terror. Wham. A few minutes later, total utter freeze.

To say the least I was pissed. WTF, brand new OS, nothing installed (basically) and still problems! So all I could think of was the mouse.

I have since (a few days ago) taken off my Logitech and started using my MS Intellimouse Explorer Optical again. I even installed the drivers for it (great drivers btw.... lots of options). So far, have not had ANY problems.

SO, my question... is that possible? A mouse causing a total freeze? If yes, is there anyway to 'update its firmware' or something?
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