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Q: I have an iMac (233) running Mac OS 9.2

Does anyone know why I can't play the large quicktime movie trailers on the Mac site?

Is my cpu too slow?

My browser is IE 5.0

Also my Mac keeps crashing when I try to play these movies

Thanks for your help! :cool:


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    version of Quicktime? (might require 6)
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    To play the largest version of some trailers, you need to have a registered QuickTime Pro key.
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    Thanks for the info people.

    Trailers that require Quicktime pro state that on the link. I will try to get QT 6. Will keep you posted
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    pesipesi Posts: 424member
    how much memory do you have? how much memory do you have IE set to use? memory may be the issue, especially with IE.
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    I have 50meg memory alocated to IE

    My vitual memory is set to off

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