The best labels wines from Italy and not only wine

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Wholesale and retail of handmade pasta, beer, liquor, spirits, sparkling wines, champagne and house wine of the famous Bolgheri area. vini sfusi

The Distribution of the cluster was created to meet market needs in innovative ways and to optimize the service provisioning and management of the wine for the restaurant. This system allows the customer to reduce inventory cost without accumulating wines difficult to sell and to more easily locate the products of mass consumption.

The company is family run by the passion of the owner Gianluca and knowledge in the wine sector has enabled the selection of family farms and not where the main goal is to produce wines with a quality / price ratio of all respect.

We have over 300 labels including Red and White wines, Champagne, Franciacorta, Prosecco Valdobbiadene area, concluding with sweet wines Dessert Craft Beer Breweries of strictly Italian

Without any effort on the Distribution and Bunch glad to be able to expose its list of simulating Cards Wine structured according to those who are of the flow structure.

The political work of our company is that of micro delivery, policy work aimed specifically at allowing beverage purchases of multiple products without minimum order, eliminating the costs of warehouse management and supply first.

The distribution works mainly in Italy but we can also export abroad

We also have a Private Wine addressed to a customer, where they will take vision of over 300 wine labels from North Italy to Sicily, bulk wine and typical Tuscan products.
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