Network and Server. Please Help :)

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Hello !!

I've got 3 Mac (G3, G4 and G4) in my office. The 3 run under Mac OS 9.

I'd like to create a network. I'd the G3 to be a file and printing server.

I think of buying an Ethernet HUB with RJ45 cables.

But how should I configurate it ?

(I don't know Mac OS I'm a newbie... I come from PC world that I know well... (beauh... I know... <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" /> )

Thanks a lot !!!



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    Welcome to the Appleinsider boards Fafix

    first, go buy your hub(switches are better but probably not necessary in this case) just ask for an 8 port hub. get 3 cat5 network cables. plug one end of the a cable into one of the macintoshes and the other end into the hub. repeat for all machines. Mkae sure the hub is plugged in and turned on and all of the lights that should be on are one.

    Go to your G3 and go under the apple menu and select file sharing. Hit the start button for file sharing. and check the box that says "Enable file sharing clients to connect over tcp/ip".

    From here you have a couple choices. If youre not concerned about security(which you probably shouldnt be in this case.) then just go to one of your G4's and go to the apple menu and select Chooser. Then select The appleshare icon and then double click the name of the server. login with the name and password of the server. (if you were connecting to a machine named DaG3 with a password of whosyodaddy, then thats exactly what you would put here, youre basically logging into the server as the server). then select whichever hard disk you would like to mount to your desktop.

    I realize my explanation was somewhat long, so heres the short. Hook all computers up to the hub, enable file sharing on the server, connect to the server from the chooser.

    As for the printer sharing, i've actually never done that. So can anyone else help Fafix out.
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