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i've seen this question asked in various ways, and a couple of third party tools (& to small extent Photostream are part solutions) -but-

i planned to completely cut the cord from iPad/iPhone to Mac. iCloud with iTunes Match works very well.

As iTunes is now no longer authoritative for anything on the iOS devices i deleted all the apps from iTunes and manage them on the device.

without iTunes, how to synch pictures from Aperture/iPhoto.

i war back into iTunes, unchecked all the 'Sync' options except Pictures, but that's when iTunes starts to get clever. (i mean stupid)

even though i'd unchecked the sync apps option, iTunes wants to delete the apps on the iOS device. No.. leave them alone! surely that's what unchecked means?

All i can imagine doing at this point is letting iTunes have it's way with my apps, reinstalling them all over the air on the device and letting the pictures sync after the fact.. or next sync, will iTunes attempt to delete the apps AGAIN?

either me or Apple hasn't completely thought this cord cutting business through properly. i hope it's me..




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    First, make sure that WiFi sync is disabled for your iPad and iPhone as this indeed will bring back iTunes syncing what not to your iDevices. It is true that even if you un-check the Apps Sync, iTunes would mysteriously still want to push its app contents to whichever device you are syncing your pictures with. I am afraid there might not be a workaround this.


    If you have all of your Apps in your iTunes library, simply let it sync the first time until iTunes is "pleased". The next time you sync your photos with iTunes, the Apps option should really not matter anymore - just make sure it continues to be disabled.

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    If you've got the Dropbox app, it will automatically upload phone pictures. That way you don't need to use iTunes to grab your pictures and you can stop using it on your computer altogether. You can also access pictures you've put into your Dropbox on your phone.

    Or at least I think that's what you're trying to do.
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    hellooo.. guys ya same issue in my itunes and i have also ipad its working properly what i do theme setting issue . How to set.. camp kanatal

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